9 Simple Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Mind

This days effective work method make labor lighter and more dignified. Physical fatigue and repetitive tasks are practically eliminated from all professional. However, people complain of tension and tiredness and wish to free themselves from this load. It’s therefore necessary to know simple and practical methods of relaxation.

The human organism is impacted from stress, thus producing muscular pain, stomach discomfort, headaches, alteration of the cardiac rhythm, etc. Below are some ways to attain relaxation:

1. Breathing: This is the fastest and the most accessible method to free oneself from rage and tension. Practice breathing deeply, expanding the belly and breathing out little by little. Repeat this four or five times and return to normal breathing. Do this five times or six times a day, wherever you are: in the car, at work, in your conversation with someone, in the waiting room or before going to bed. When performing breathing exercises, make efforts to smile, putting aside matters that worry you.

2. Physical Exercise: Any form of physical exercise, as long as it is adequate for age and personal fitness, brings about physical and mental relaxation. Physical exercise should be done systematically and to the taste of every one, as some people attain relaxation through intensive sport while others achieve it through a calm walk.

3. Bathing: Water at various temperature provide a beneficial effect over muscular relaxation. A simple shower or bath adds tone to the muscles. Hydrotherapy, based on the alteration of cold and warm water, has superior relaxing effect over arterial and capillary circulation. Because of its high mineral content, sea bathing stimulates the body’s internal glands as well as the general metabolism thus relaxing the body.

4. Muscular Relaxation: In additions to the methods mentioned above, muscular or progressive relaxation ensures, in a systematic way, the loosening of muscles suffering from stress.Practice relaxation by lying down on your bed or mat. Rest your head on a small pillow, spend about 20 minutes in this activity while you breathe in deeply before stating, In the middle of the session, and at the end. Soft environmental music may help you achieve better relaxation.

Let’s talk about mental relaxation. Mental tension means a heavy psychological burden to many persons. Obsession over problems, uncertainty towards the future, mental fatigue and slow reasoning are associated features of the tense mind. What can one do to prevent these mental states and obtain peace and relaxation? Try the following:

5. Thinking: Reject catastrophic thoughts and focus your mind on positive and happy things. Learn to put aside sour and tense issues, albeit temporarily, until such as time you can provide solutions.

6. Visualization: It will be much easier to reject unwanted thoughts if you have a theme or themes to substitute them. Use imagination to visualize your chosen topic in detail. Some think of the place where they grew up or in there adolescence and youth. Choose your own images and enjoy the details, put some color and movement, walk in those places and situations. Yo will soon realize that your mind and mood find a point of quietness and serenity.

7. Self-Instruction: Encourage yourself to reject troubling thought. Instruct yourself with commands.
8. Social Interaction: Seek the company of friends and relatives in order to distract yourself. If you have an introverted personality, avoid the natural tendency to remain alone with negative thoughts. Call a friend and chat, get out of the house and attend a social function where you are forced to converse with others.

9. Prayer: You may have never prayed in your life, but sincere prayers facilitate a great deal of mental relaxation for those using them. Some use repetitive chanting, but it’s better to avoid repletion, as Jesus advised (Matthew 6:7-15) and pray by talking to God as one talks to a father. Express your uncertainties, sorrows and conflicts through prayers. The benefits of prayer are as below:

  • Slows down metabolism
  • Reduces Cardiac rate
  • Reduces breathing rate
  • Expands the brain wave frequency
  • Slow down blood pressure
  • Causes feelings of peace and calm
  • Improve health

The above are some of the major tips that you can apply in relaxing your body and that will depend with your personal preferences. I hope you will implement what we have discussed and put it on operation. I wish you all the best in enjoying your everyday life.

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