Best first birthday gift ideas

Best Gifts for Baby's 1st Birthday

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When a baby turns one, he or she has gone through a major life change. The baby has made it through an entire year of life and many milestones. The baby may be walking, talking a little, and sleeping through the night. The first birthday is often one of the most special occasions that a baby will have in his or her life. In order to commemorate the special event, most people who attend the first birthday party want to find perfect gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. There are plenty of items from which to choose. Here are some of the most simple, and yet memorable gifts for baby’s 1st birthday.

-Toy Balls
One year old children simply love balls. Bright balls, small and large, are a big hit. Buy the child an assortment of balls. Soft footballs, bouncy balls, soccer balls and everything in between. You will want to make sure that none of the balls are too small so that the child will not try to put it in his or her mouth. Otherwise, the more balls the better. It doesn’t matter if the child is a boy or a girl. My daughter plays with footballs more often than any doll in the house. One year old children are just starting to master control over their bodies and they will probably like to throw a ball around, even if they can’t quite control where they throw.

-Embroidered baby gifts
There is nothing more special and memorable than a simple item that has been embroidered with the baby’s name. You can buy organic sheets, blankets, bags, shirts, or a number of other items. As long as it has the baby’s name on it, the parents will treasure it. It will likely become a highly sought item once the baby realizes it has his or her name on it as well. I received several embroidered baby gifts at my baby shower that my daughter will treasure for many years.

-Custom Chair
A great gift idea for any one year old is some type of chair that is just their size. Kids love things that are just their size. You can buy a little rocking chair for the front porch, a wicker chair for the living room, or a soft chair with a movie character on it. As long as the chair is small and fits the child well, he or she will love it and spend a lot of time climbing in and out of it.

-Toys that light up and play music
Most children love lights and music. Combine those items into one toy and you have an instant hit. When babies open gifts for baby’s 1st birthday, they are often preoccupied by the wrapping paper and boxes. This will not likely be the case with a toy that has buttons, lights, and music. The toy will instantly grab the baby’s attention and it may even hold it for quite some time.

These gifts may sound simple, but they also make some of the most memorable gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. If you can personalize the gift in any way, it will be more special to the parents and they will more likely remember who gave the child the gift so they can tell the baby when she grows up who the items were from on her 1st birthday. The most important aspect when choosing gifts for baby’s 1st birthday is to remember the child’s personality. Don’t buy a dress for a little girl like mine. She’s a little tom boy who loves jeans and climbing. If you think about the specific child and keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be hard.

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