How to make your backyard fun for your kids

School is finally out! For many kids that might mean spending all day in front of televisions and computers but that’s the formula for a wasted summer. You don’t even have to take them farther than your backyard to have plenty of fun in the sun. Here are some ideas to make your backyard fun for your kids!

Keeping your kids entertained for hours in the backyard often doesn’t require much more than plenty of sports equipment. Keep a healthy supply of whiffle balls and bats, soccer balls, baseball gloves, capture the flag belts, and horseshoes. Put up a volleyball net or badminton net that you can easily remove when not in use. If you have the room, you could get a trampoline with a safety net to prevent falls. With enough equipment to choose from, you’ll rarely see your kids gathered indoors around their electronics.

Turn your yard into a campground and have your kids invite their friends for a camping night. You can find very cheap fire pits at your local general store or use your grill to make the classic campout foods like burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and of course s’mores! Play cards, tell stories, or stargaze around the fire and pretend that the house isn’t there except for bathroom trips.

Plant a garden bed and have your kids help. Learning about gardening could teach them about a lot more than just the garden. Though not all kids will see the fun in this right away, once the flowers are blooming and thriving, they’ll realize why gardening is fun and important. The flowers will help attract insects into the yard and you could have yourself a ladybug sanctuary in no time. Throw in a couple bird feeders and your kids can spend their days identifying the wildlife in their yard.

While a pool would be the ultimate summer fun accessory, they’re expensive to install and maintain. If you have the funds and time, then great! If not, get more creative with how to bring water into your backyard. It’s been proven that water has a calming effect on weary minds, ears, and bodies so it’s a worthwhile addition to any yard. Consider installing one of the smaller water features options like a pond, a river, a waterfall, or even a fountain. It will give your kids and friends a place to gather around and relax.

Get even more creative with how to bring water into to your yard and organize a water balloon fight with friends and neighborhood kids. Buy bags of small balloon and fill them up enough that they’ll break easily upon impact. It will be a way to help keep the kids cooled down and having fun on those hot summer days without needing to install anything. Then, with a little help from everyone, you’ll have the balloon mess cleaned up in no time.

With a little encouragement from mom and dad, kids won’t waste their precious summers inside. Using these ideas and your kids’ interests, your backyard is the perfect outdoor entertainment room.

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