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Malibu Makos & The Community: One Unit Malibu Makos Surf Club is far more than a great place for surf lessons in Malibu or an exceptional LA surf camp. We also strive to provide and promote services within our diverse community. We’ve affiliated and partnered with reputable businesses and organizations, looking to combine experience, knowledge and talent, thus creating a better entity between us.

Texas Surf Camps
Malibu Makos is proud to be partnered with Texas Surf Camps. They offer private and group surfing lessons all year round. They sponsor surfing events in the greater Texas area. They want to encourage everyone to surf with confidence and hopefully learn to appreciate our oceans and beaches.

Morgan Faulkner
Morgan Faulkner isn’t just a professional surfer and surf instructor. He is also a member of The Expedition School. They want to nurture education and water adventure. Malibu Makos is excited about our affiliation with this outstanding institution and one of its leading supporters.

Quiksilver is a highly ranked and respected manufacturer of water, snow and land sport equipment for men, women and kids. If you’re a skater, surfer or snow boarder, these guys have high end, affordable gear that will always be top of the line.

Roxy carries clothing, shoes, accessories and other quality items to make hitting the beach or snowy mountains the time of your life. They have the best fins, leashes and instructional DVDs and books about surfing.

Becker Surfboards
These guys carry footwear, wetsuits, sunglasses and boards by the best brands in the business. Just about anything you’d need to enjoy a day at the beach or in the water. Keep an eye out for their sale items and save on anything from shorts to bags.

Dukes Malibu
This is one of the best restaurants in Malibu, offering breath taking oceanfront banquets and barefoot bars. The atmosphere is as relaxing and alluring as lying across the beach. It won’t just be a good meal. It’ll be a Malibu experience.
Last Words

Malibu Makos offers some of the best surf lessons in Malibu. Our success has given us the opportunity to work with and support the LACO Public Works Department, Malibu High School, Our Lady of Malibu and Welby Way Elementary School, to name a few.

Our LA surf camp staff and all associated with Malibu Makos is grateful for the chance to work with these outstanding organizations and supporting our communities.

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