Sculpting the perfect body

For men, looking great and having significant muscle mass go together. While maintaining a low level of fat is important, it is not enough to impress. Fortunately, all men are capable of significantly improving their bodies and achieving the strong, toned look they are meant to have.

** Strength Training *

Achieving a higher level of muscle mass requires exercise, and strength training exercises are necessary to build muscles. As muscles are used to lift heavy weights, microscopic tears form. After the exercise routine is finished, the body heals these small tears while adding additional muscle mass. These small muscle increases add up over time and eventually make a noticeable change in one’s physique.

When building muscle, it is important to use heavy weights that work the muscles to exhaustion; exercise routines that focus on lower weights and more repetitions will tone muscles more than they build them. It is also important to note that muscle mass is added in the healing stages and not while exercises.

Ensuring that the muscles are given time to heal properly is necessary to achieve the best results possible.

** Cardiovascular Exercise *

Cardiovascular exercises should be part of every exercise routine. They do not add much to one’s muscle mass, but they do allow exercisers to achieve better results from other forms of exercise. Cardiovascular exercise improves blood flow, which leads to higher endurance. Further, increased blood flow ensures that the muscles receive sufficient oxygen during and after strength training exercises.

Proper nutrition is important as well. Unless the body is given the building blocks needed to increase the size of muscles, results will be minimal.

** Supplements *

Supplements can help as well. Keratin is a type of protein that can have a significant benefit while one is exercising. Keratin causes the muscles to retain more water and adds greatly to their size; although there is considerable debate about whether keratin increases strength, it certainly adds to muscles’ bulk.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is increasingly being used to help the body build muscles. Sold on websites such as, this hormone has been shown to increase the rate at which the body increases muscle mass. Taken with a healthy diet and with regular strength training exercise, HGH can help its users achieve significantly better results.

Building muscle requires a multi-faceted approach; simply focusing on lifting weights or running is not enough. Fortunately, each of the components needed to increase strength help the others, and each aspect helps exercisers accomplish the other aspects more effectively. The most import point to remember is that dedication and patience are necessary. Without consistency and determination, results will not be as great as they

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