My review of One Source Talent

I am the mother of three girls. My teenaged daughter is statuesque, tall, and exceptionally beautiful. She has the potential to be a model. I was a fashion model for nearly ten years before I married and had my children, so I know something about the industry. I am very aware of two things. First, there are thousands, maybe millions, of parents just like me who think their child can “make it big” in the modeling world. Second, I know from personal experience how hard it is to get your foot in the door and get noticed. My daughter has what she needs to be a successful model, but I knew that I would have to find an excellent talent agency that could help her get noticed by the right people.

I started checking out some talents agencies in my area, but I wasn’t impressed with their success rates. I turned to the internet and was immediately overwhelmed by agencies. Then a friend of mine told me about One Source Talent. So I went to their site to check them out.

The website was easy to find, and all the information I need to know was right there in front of me. I could see the talent that was already registered with One Source and read their success stories. There was a page with all the companies who had current casting calls for jobs. I was really excited about this company. It appeared to have everything I was looking for to get my daughter started, so I applied for an interview. Within just a couple days, I was contacted by One Source Talent to schedule an interview at their office in Washington, DC. My daughter and I were thrilled! We then prepared her for the first big step in her career as a model: The first interview.

I had seen the potential in my daughter at a very young age, so I enrolled her in dance lessons from the time she was four years old to give her the elegance, grace, and poise she would need. She has also been in a lot of shows over the years to build confidence and stage presence. I think my daughter looks stunning in black, so went shopping and found a charming off-the-shoulder sweater for her interview. We had been experimenting with makeup for years, but we wanted the makeup to be just right before going to meet the folks at One Source Talent. We finally found a fantastic makeup artist who crafted a makeup plan that brings out my daughter’s beautiful blue eyes to perfection, but we did not over do it. Remember that this is the first impression that is made with a modeling agency, so make it a great first impression.

The big day finally arrived, and we went to her first interview with One Source. I was impressed with the professionalism the staff displayed. They were very kind and did their best to make the experience as comfortable as possible for my daughter and me. They explained that they would be taking measurements and getting to know us a little better during the first interview. Everything went very smoothly, and we were told when we left they would contact us shortly to let us know if she would be called back. A few days after we got back home, One Source Talent gave us the great news that they wanted a second interview! We went back to their office, talked some more about their company and what it could do for my daughter’s career, and signed her up that day! Now she can seek jobs, and even better, modeling agencies can see her and make her dreams come true someday.

So far, the professional staff at One Source Talent strives to bring together talented people and the opportunities that can launch their careers. They provide information about who to contact to create a professional portfolio that will showcase someone’s best qualities. There is access to nationwide casting calls for a variety of entertainment and modeling jobs. Best of all, professional clients have access to information and pictures of all the talent at One Source, which could lead to the all-important break everyone needs in this business. I’m so glad I have found such a great agency for my daughter!

Here is a video that explains more about them that I found:

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