Quality and precision benchtop machining


If you?re looking for a great benchtop milling machine, look no further. MDA Precision offers the full line of WABECO benchtop milling machines. From manual machines to the most advanced CNC machines, MDA Precision is the right choice for your small envelope parts.

Manual machines have 11? of Z- axis travel, 5.9? of Y-axis travel and an X-axis travel from 10.2? all the way up to 19.6?. Featuring hardened and ground dovetail ways and zero backlash ball screws, these machines are both rigid and precise, allowing you to machine a variety of materials. Affordable pricing makes these manual benchtop milling machines the perfect choice for hobbyists, schools, and manufacturing companies.

CNC benchtop milling machines are available in sizes similar to the manual machines. Additionally MDA Precision offers two 5-axis machines with 20? of X-axis travel, 8? of Y-axis travel and 11? of Z-axis travel. One model offers spindle speeds from 100 to 7500 RPM and the other ?high-speed? model boasts spindle speeds from 5000 to 60,000 RPM. Machine options include cabinets, safety enclosures with coolant, automatic tool changes, digital readouts and more. MDA Precision can also offer you a variety of tool holders, cutting tools and work holding systems.

MDA Precision has your benchtop turning needs covered as well, with both manual and CNC options. Three models of manual machines are available; the smaller of the machines has a 13.7? distance between centers and a swing of 3.9?, with spindle speeds from 30 to 2300 RPM. The second machine offers 23.6? between centers and swings 10.6?, it also offers spindle speeds from 30 to 2300 RPM. A high-speed version of the second machine is also available, with spindle speeds from 100 to 5000 RPM. These three machines are also manufactured by WABECO, in Germany to the highest industry standards.

Two CNC benchtop lathe models are also available. With an MDA Precision designed and built controller, these German/US made CNC lathes deliver top-of-the-line performance, in a benchtop size and at a budget price. Available in two sizes; the first with 13? between centers, a 3.9? swing and a 30 to 2300 RPM spindle, the second machine has a greater distance between centers, 23.6?, a larger swing of 10.6? and a high-speed spindle with speeds ranging from 100 to 5000 RPM.

With a customer base including educational institutions, government and military installations, as well as manufacturing and aerospace customers, when the question is benchtop machine tools, the answer is MDA Precision.

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