Finding Time In Your Busy Day To Relax

Moms need to take a few minutes each day to chill out and be alone with their thoughts. A little solitude is essential for our mental health and emotional well being. And as busy household managers, we need time to strategize and plan in order to be effective.

But with a jam packed schedule, who has time?

Some of the following tips will help you carve out a few extra minutes.

* Avoid distractions throughout your day. As much fun as social networking is, try only logging in to Twitter or other sites like it (IM, your email, etc) for a set time each day, or for a particular purpose if you use it for business. Set a timer and stick with the limits you place on yourself.Summer Mirage
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* Don’t use the snooze button. I know, I know – how can I say this? The truth is, using the snooze button actually has a deleterious affect on your sleep habits. Getting up a few minutes earlier than your kids do to have a cup of tea, read your Bible or something inspiring, pray, meditate, exercise – whatever – will start your day on the right foot.

* Schedule it as part of your day! How about putting YOU on your schedule? Put 15 minutes in the morning or after the kids go to bed, during naptime or whatever.

If your kids don’t nap anymore, make that time of the afternoon “quiet time”. Moms who have implemented quiet time love it. Make it part of the to-do list so it doesn’t get skipped.

* Go to bed early, a good nights sleep makes everything easier. Don’t stay up too late at night to do last minute things, it just isn’t worth it.

* Don’t take on more work than you can handle, a lot of moms are guilty of doing this thinking they can squeeze it in. You’re just one little person!

* Keep a time log, or a journal to archive your daily tasks and then you can go back and find spots in your daily routine to save time, incorporate relaxing, and improve the routine in general. Effective CEOs do this, why not SHE-EOs?

* Connect with nature. Spending just 20 minutes a day outside can do wonders for your emotional health and even physical health! Get out in the sun, get your Vitamin D and let the sun’s rays regulate your sleep/wake cycle and put you in a good mood. Nature is a healer, avail yourself of this free medicine.

Hopefully these tips will help you carve out 15 – 30 minutes a day just for you. You’re worth it! It will help you avoid mommy burnout

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