Deciding on the Right Color Scheme for Your Project

When planning a crafting project, one of the most basic yet most difficult decisions to make is what colors to use. There are just so many beautiful colors to choose from! Review these tips and ask yourself these questions to help lead you in the right direction when it comes to color scheme selecting for your projects:

* Who is the project for? If it’s a gift for someone, what is the recipients favorite color? Incorporate their favorite color along with some complimentary colors to make it special for them.

* Is this project for a special occasion? For a wedding try adding or using the color theme of the wedding, this will add a sentimental touch. For a baby shower, the standard boy (light blue), girl (pink) and gender neutral (pastel green and yellow) colors will work. Most holidays have certain colors associated with them or that come to mind which can be used.

* What is your project theme? Is it a nature item, or something in a futuristic theme? Using colors that are commonly associated with a project’s theme is a nice, safe approach.

* Are photographs being used? Sometime they present a bit of a challenge brining in colors that are beyond your control. Find a color that won’t clash with what’s in the photograph. Take hints from the photo itself. What colors stand out? Or if the photograph is just too busy looking consider reprinting in black and white.

* Where will the finished project be displayed? If it’s a personal item for your home, or for a close friend or family member home, look around the room for color suggestions. If you’re creating the item for sale, consider what common colors are most used in those rooms.

* Have you been inspired by another design? If you’ve seen something that had an interesting color scheme, try using it on a project.

* Think outside the box. If you’re going for a formal look stick with traditional colors, but if you want to make your project unique and fun, use whatever happens to strike your fancy at that moment. It’s your project, make it uniquely you.

Color is an important element of any project but there is no right or wrong color to use for a given project. Go with your instincts and use the color scheme you feel is best.

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