Summer is Coming! Clean out your Closets

You will enjoy cleaning out your closet for the arrival of summer! The best part about cleaning them out and packing up clothes for storage is that you get to buy new summer clothes! If you want, you can take your older clothes and donate them to a consignment store, thrift store, your church or Salvation Army. Here are some tips on how to get your closet cleaned and ready for summer.

Starting taking everything out of your closet such as winter clothes and some hotter clothing you wore in the spring. You might find hats, scarves, wooly sweaters, heavy pants and parkas. Get some heavy duty garbage bags and then put aside what you want to keep for yourself and what you want to donate to the Salvation Army or local church.
You will begin to feel wonderful when you see your closet all cleaned out and half empty. It provides a sense of cleansing the spirit in some ways. You can then head out to your favorite department store when you are ready and shop, shop, shop! You can even go through the older summer clothes you have accumulated and separate them the same way.

Make a list of everything you need for your summer wardrobe including swimsuits, accessories, shoes and all the items you need to enjoy a wonderful vacation or day at the beach. Say goodbye to your winter clothes and store them away for next year. If you find you don’t have any extra space for your winter clothes you might be able to store your winter clothes at your local cleaners for an affordable price. You might have a storage space in your house or in your building that might be suitable. If you cannot find any other alternative for storage space you might want to separate your winter clothes as well and give some to a thrift store. Winter is still a lifetime away so you can enjoy building that wardrobe up again when it gets colder again. But, now we are talking about summer!

Once you have had a full shopping day and feel as though you have everything you need, bring home all of your lovely new things and replenish your closet. Shoes, sneakers and sandals are all important for summer as well, so make sure you have some good pairs to walk around in. Now you are ready for summer!

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