The Step-family Awaits

I was so excited to be going home…finally. It had been a long couple of days and I was glad it was behind me. I was alive and I had a beautiful new baby boy to take care of. All the way home I watched as my baby stared at the back window. It was raining pretty heavily and he seemed to notice (or at least I thought he did). I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Arriving home was bitter sweet. We were living with my mom, my step-dad, my brother, my step-brother, and a younger step-sister that would visit often. This was our step-family, our new step-family actually. My mom got married when I was two months pregnant. Talk about a lot of life changes at one time. Lucky for me, I had a step-dad that was pretty cool.

A house full of teenagers is always going to bring troubles but the fact that I got a long with my step-dad made everything else a lot easier to deal with. Up to this point in our relationship the only thing we ever argued about were Tums. Yep, Tums. I was dying from heartburn while I was pregnant and I went through bottles at a time. Well the Tums were his and I wasn’t asking, I was just downing them as quickly as I could. It turned out he had heartburn pretty bad too and I had eaten the last Tums. I resolved to get my own bottles of Tums and stop eating his and that was the end of it.

Compared to other people’s horror stories of step-parents, I thought I had it pretty easy.

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