Groupon Offers Big Savings

There is a relatively new online site that has been making its appearance in a big way. They offer individuals a new “deal” each day that amounts to 50 per cent to 90 per cent off local merchandiser’s prices. The catch is that a certain amount of individuals must sign up, thus the name “Group on” or Groupon.

Getting a large number of people to sign up each day has not proven to be a problem. The process is very simple. If you like the deal of the day simply click on the “buy” button. The price of the deal is good for 24 hours. If enough people sign up you are in and your credit card will be charged. You will then be directed to another area of the site to print out your “Groupon Coupon”. There is an expiration date on the coupon, so you do not have to use it immediately. If, by chance, they do not get enough people to sign up for the deal, the deal is cancelled and you are not charged.

Groupon also offers a referral program and a rewards program that will get you some great “extras” if you can get your family and friends to sign up and make a purchase.

Check out Groupon at and cash in on some sweet treats at a savings.

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