Using to Save Money is one of the most comprehensive coupons websites on the internet. By using their site you can find coupons and discounts for local restaurants, local products, national products and internet websites.

Here’s the walk-through on how this site works.

The First Screen

When you first enter, you’ll see its main screen, which looks something like this:

There are a lot of different ways you can use this site. Let’s walk through how to navigate the site and how to use each of the different sections.

The Navigation Bar

Along the top and along the left hand side is the navigation bar.

The navigation bar gives you access to the different areas of the website. Each area gives you a different kind of coupon.

Let’s start with the main coupons site, which is what you see when you first enter the website. You can also access the main coupons site by clicking on “Coupons.”

The Main Coupons Site

The main site gives you access to coupons on various products. You can browse the different kinds of products on the left navigation bar.

Each coupon looks like this:

To use the coupon, click the “Clip” button. Once you do, the coupon will change to its “Clipped” look. Continue browsing and clipping until you’ve clipped all the coupons you want to print out.

Printing Your Coupons

Once you’ve clipped all the coupons you want to use, go to the very top of your browser. There will be your coupons indicator, which shows you how many coupons you’ve clipped.

Click the “PRINT” button to print out your coupons.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other ways you can use

Online Coupon Codes

Select “Coupon Codes” on the navigation bar to go to the online coupons codes page. Here’s what it looks like:

To use the coupon code, either click on the “Coupon Code” button or write down the coupon code. Do your shopping on the site that has the discount, then when you checkout type that coupon code in.

The system will automatically recognize the code and then give you the promised discount.

Local Discounts

Want a discount in local stores and restaurants? Just click “Local Coupons” along the top. Alternatively, you can type in your zip code in the find local coupons box:

You’ll then be presented with the local coupons screen:

Many local coupons are processed through Just click one of the coupons to be taken to the appropriate site where your coupon will be processed. Savings Card

If you’d rather not print out physical coupons, you can instead use the savings card. Register an account with first. You’ll be assigned a card number. Write down that card number.

Then, click on the savings card button along the navigation bar to access the savings card page:

Just click “Add to Card” to add that coupon to your card. When you checkout at the grocery store, all you need to do is give them your card number and all your discounts will be applied. No printing necessary.

That’s the overview of how to use You can save money on everyday purchases, online purchases and even local stores and restaurants.

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