Kid Crafts on Earth Day

Did you do any special Earth Day crafts today? I worked on some unfinished projects I have (didn’t finish just yet) and had a good day hanging out with my kids and nephews. They were more interested in playing outside then crafting so I have a few things planned for this week. When I was growing up my school celebrated Earth Week with different events each day and I like the idea of continuing that along.

1. Inexpensive Artwork – Have your children paint or draw a picture using paints, crayons, markers, colored pencils or just a regular number two pencil. Turn their drawings into artwork by either cutting the paper down after or before they get to work and putting it in a frame. I have found that kids love this idea because after they are creative, their paper is hung up for all to see. It’s a step up from the fridge!

2. Remake Jewelry -Remaking a piece of jewelry will require older kids or your help. Take a piece of jewelry you no longer wear (or found at a garage sale or thrift store) and take it apart – make a new brooch or necklace. Stringing beads is easy for children and they will be glad to help refashion a piece or two.

3. Recycle clothes into a project – If you find you have wool sweaters you no longer wear, felt them by washing in the washer and make felted projects. Betz White has a great book – Warm Fuzzies – and after finding a few thrift store sweaters, we are prepared to make a few of the ideas in the book. I am also in the beginnings of making a tshirt quilt using old college and concert shirts. Maybe you have a few items of clothing you would like to have in a quilt or small blanket – get to work this week and plan a design and start cutting the clothes.

There are many ways you can reuse or recycle items you have in your home, the next time you set out to do a craft project think about what you already have! Share other ideas in the comments, or if you have questions about the projects listed let us know!

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