No Catch 22 when you choose repellex

Want to keep protect your family and environment but still keep away those pesky pests and rodents? Repellex has many natural animal repellents. The natural ingredients are safe within your home, family and environment. Ingredients that can be found in one’s kitchen and emulsifying agents, are absorbed quickly. Needless to say, the ingredients provide satisfaction amongst the riddance of stubborn voles, gophers and moles as well as ensure that your family is protected.

Along with effective and safe formulas for other pests, Repellex offers home remedy mole repellent that rids gophers and voles. To know surprise these pests can cause major damage to your yard and garden. Repellex offers not only one, but two different repellent products. To label Repellex’s repellents as a chemical is unjust because it is the opposite. The repellents are actually composed of a formula of ingredients. These natural ingredients (a concentrate of hot pepper) are absorbed through the plants that moles, gophers and voles love. However, they do not love the taste of the natural ingredients and this encourages them to move elsewhere. Repellex even offers a choice of granular repellent or spray repellent. The spray can quickly absorb through the plants molecular structure, but the granular product has a long-lasting effect due to the inability of it being broken down quicker. Don’t let this deter you though. Both versions of the repellent for gophers, voles and/or moles offer results that you are looking for. The only caveat to Repellex’s repellent is that it should not be used on edible plants.

It’s rare to find quality repellents that are environmentally-sound, rids those pesky pests and keeps your family protected. With Repellex you get all of this. Environmentally, it does not kill off the animals or plants. It actually gets the animals to stray away from your garden of plants. It keeps your family protected because if the formula is mistakenly ingested, it will not harm those that have done so. You should not have to worry about a “catch 22” of keeping away those pesky pests and keeping your family safe. That is why Repellex is the go-to choice in safe and effective repellents.

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