5 signs to know our house is too small

As your family grows, your house might start feeling smaller and smaller. Living on top of each other can adversely affect your family relationships so it may be time to move. Selling your house can be a stressful project so you probably want to make sure you’re making the right decision. Below are 5 signs that your house is too small for your family size.

Storage Space
If you can’t store all your and your family’s stuff comfortably in your house is one sign. Sometimes you can eliminate this problem with a thorough purging throughout the house but if you find that every closet, every inch of the basement, every nook, and every cranny is stuffed to the brim, you probably just don’t have enough space.

Bedroom Space
If you don’t have enough bedrooms for all family members that could mean it’s time to upgrade. While kids don’t need their own bedrooms and sharing a room can actually help them become more considerate and flexible people, having more than two kids per room can cause more harm than good. And if your kids fight constantly, letting them each have their own room can alleviate that.

Bathroom Space
With a mom, a dad, and kids all needing in the bathrooms in the morning to get ready for the day, it can get hectic. If you and your family are constantly fighting for bathroom time and you don’t have enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone, moving into a house with more space can eliminate a lot of fighting and make mornings and nights much more pleasant. Though in other rooms you may be able to find room for everyone and their stuff, not having enough bathrooms isn’t as easy to solve.

Personal Space
With too many people in a too-small house, it may not be possible for everyone to escape for personal time and space when they need it. If everyone is living on top of each other, it can create stress for your family. When someone needs to be alone, their home is where that place should always be so if your family has trouble getting interrupted alone time, a bigger house will help remedy that.

Family Space
If you and the family have trouble all gathering in your living room, dining room, kitchen, TV room, or any other shared space to spend time together, a bigger house would make it easier to get family time comfortably.

If these signs have led you to the conclusion that your house is too small for your family, indeed, too small, then it’s time to sell it. If you’d rather not go through a real estate agent you can sell on Rightmove or similar websites. You can find houses for sale and rent in countries all over the world and list your house with the support through the website. You’ll save money on real estate agent fees and still be able to ask experts for help throughout the process. Before making the decision to buy a larger home you might want to try and create more space in your current house if it’s possible. A bigger house will come with bigger responsibility and you’ll definitely need to make sure it’s financially possible and worth it. Happy house hunting!


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