Top 8 Most Amazing Playgrounds In The World

When I was growing up the park was one of my favourite places in the world! There were two in my area. One just at the top of our street which had two swings, a small slide and a roundabout and that was it! The second park had these things and so much more cool stuff which you could climb and get dizzy on. The only problem is that it was a ten minute walk away and so clearly we weren’t supposed to go to that park as my mom couldn’t keep her beady eye on us. It was only a short distance away but if it wasn’t on our front yard it may have been a Virgin flight away! However, kids being kids we did often sneak off and we would be amused for hours. To this day, I still get excited to take my nieces and nephews to the park or to a fun fair.

But when I look back on my younger days spent getting grubby at the park (that wood they would put down on the floor would get everywhere!) I do now remember it wasn’t as great as I thought. Those massive swings were really normal sized and the park was old and rusty. But to me and my siblings it was the most fun place to be! But when my kids (one day) get excited about going to the local park they probably wont look back and be disappointed. That’s because they have come along way since my days (makes me feel extremely old!) No longer is every park made the same. Instead, the main focus is on fun, interaction and educating young children during play time. Don’t believe me? I have found 8 of the most amazing playgrounds that exist in the world.

Playgrounds just got real fun!

Nishi-Rokugo – Tokyo, Japan

This is definitely one of the coolest and most innovative parks I have found. Nishi Rokugo Koen or “Tire Park” is filled with big tyres in every combination possible like robots, dragons, tyre swings, tunnels, mountains and slides. Approximately 3,000 tyres were used to set up the park in total. It must be fun even the adults are joining in!

St. Kilda Adventure Playground – Adelaide, Australia

This award winning adventure playground is set with a tram museum and forest walk in the seaside suburb of Adelaide. The playground covers 4 hectares and has a constructed shipwreck, wooden castle, huge slides, a spiral slide inside a hill and lots of other bits of play equipment to keep children entertained all day long. Recent improvements include a small submarine and maze…this park just keeps on getting better.

Yerba Gardens – San Francisco, California

Built on the rooftop of the Moscone convention centre (I know, it doesn’t sound like the safest place for kids!) is one of the most elaborate parks there is. The playground includes 130,000 square feet of space to play, bowling, an ice rink and a hand carved carousel which acts as the centre piece for the yerba gardens. This is definitely a cool urban playground.

Zabeel Technology Theme Park in Dubia, India

This is the first playground in the world to adopt a technology themed design. The layout consists of two separate zones which have futuristic technology and alternative energy exhibits, a series of high tech interactive displays, and a maze modeled on the solar system. The park also features food courts, a cricket pitch, a 2,000-seat amphitheater, exhibition centers and boat facilities on the lake so there is something to amuse the whole family making for a great day out!

Clemyjontri Park – Fairfax County, Virginia

Looking at an aerial shot of this park immediately shows off the crazy range of bright colours! This is because it is one of the first parks of it’s kind to cater for disabled children also allowing all children to play happily alongside one another! The entire park is equipped with ramps for wheelchairs and the ground surfaces are specially designed with a non-slip material. Other features include a carousel and a picnic pavilion. The entrance road leads to an 81-space parking area and a drop-off zone for vehicles whose passengers need close access.

Takino Hillside Park – Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

The Children’s Playground in the Takino Hillside Park in Japan borrows ideas and images from nature. It certainly has the wow factor the minute you set eyes on the crazy nets and bouncy balls for kids and big kids alike! Varied lighting and sound conditions create a unique sensory experience for kids and it is quite cool how it is built  in to the hill.

The Fruit and Scent Playground –Liljeholmen, Sweden

Clearly this playground is trying to promote healthy eating and fruit to kids which can only be a good thing which the rising obesity figures we have been seeing. A banana slide, strawberry spinners, a pair of cherry swings, an orange see-saw and a watermelon jungle gym are all part of this unusual, small park in the south of Stockholm.

Berkeley Adventure Playground

What I adore about this playground is that it is a “creative play space” which means that the children help to build and create the space they play in. Not only do they get vital exercise and fresh air but they also exercise their imaginations and problem solving skills too whilst working alongside other children. Although it may not have the immediate wow factors the other playgrounds have in the list it has been voted in the top 5 play spaces there is! What could be better for kids then getting to climb on the many unusual kid designed and built forts, boats, and towers. Ride the zip line or hammer, saw, and paint.


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