Toy Craft Ideas

If you’re looking for some craft ideas that will entertain your kids after the craft is finished, try some of the toy craft ideas below. Most of the materials needed are things you’ll find around the house and would normally put in the garbage.

Baby Rattle

There isn’t any need to run out and buy a rattle for your baby as this craft will keep your little one just as happy. All you need is an empty plastic bottle (used for water or pop) and some colorful dry beans. Simply unscrew the cap of the bottle, put the beans in it and put the cap back on. That’s it! You’ve got a homemade baby rattle!

Miniature Drums

Little ones love to make noises and “music” which is why so many rush out and buy their toddlers little drum sets for Christmas. Well if you’ve got an empty oatmeal container with a plastic lid on it, then you’ve got a drum! Just make sure all the oatmeal is all gone. If you’ve got a container that doesn’t have a lid, simply cut a balloon and stretch the material over the canister, using a rubber band to secure it and you’ve got another drum.


Little boys love to build, and so do many little girls, so why not create your own blocks for them to play with? Simply take unused cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes and cover them with wrapping paper to make lightweight blocks young children can easily build with. They will stay busy for hours with these!

Floating Balls

Your kids will love watching this “toy” in action. Grab a couple of ping pong balls (or a similar ball) and your hair dryer. Turn the hair dryer on and put it upside down. Next, drop the ping pong ball in the airstream of the blow dryer. You can try to add one or two more balls into the mix too.

Marble Slide and Catcher

There’s just something about watching round objects like marbles roll around that fascinate kids. For this craft, you’ll need the following:

  • – Various sized cardboard tubes (like those from toilet paper and paper towel rolls)
  • – Flat magnets
  • – Small plastic container (yogurt and butter containers are perfect)
  • -Hot glue gun

Once you’ve got all the necessary supplies, use the hot glue gun to glue together the various sizes of cardboard tubes. They should be in a straight line, with the holes matching up. Next, take the flat magnets and glue two or three on to each tube (the magnets also need to be straight). Then, take some magnets and glue to one side of the plastic container. Finally, attach the tube to the refrigerator at an angle with the container at the bottom. Get some marbles and let the kids have fun watching them land in the container!

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