How to find best neighborhoods for families

When you were single, you were probably just looking for a place to live that had rent you could afford. When you got married, you may have wanted enough room for you and your sweetie to be able to cuddle or go into another room to read a book while the other was watching the game.

Now, as your family is expanding, looking at houses has become a bit more complex. Plus, it’s not just enough to have several rooms in a home, but you also must take the kind of neighborhood that the house is in into serious consideration.

So, in the midst of your house-hunting, what are some things that you should be on the lookout for so that you can pick the best kind of neighborhood that is just right for you? We have five tips below:

Look at school districts. You can pretty much bet that places where elementary and high schools are located, more times than not, there are going to be some nice neighborhoods in the vicinity. So, in narrowing down where you want to check out some homes, think about the school districts that you like and start your search there.

Look for neighborhood watches. If you’ve driven around and noticed that some neighborhoods have Neighborhood Watch signs on display, this is also a good indicator because this is letting you know that the people living in the neighborhood have gotten together and made the commitment to be on the lookout for one another’s safety and well-being.

Look for well-kept lawns. When people take pride in the way their homes and lawns look, this speaks to taking pride in their neighborhood. Another bonus with this particular tip is that if there are nice-sized yards and you see a swing set or tire hanging from a tree, which may be a sign that there are children that live in those houses as well.

Look for low crime rates and long-term residents. Whether you’re looking into some Tanglewood real estate or something that is closer to your own city, it’s a good idea to call a real estate agent to at least get a consultation as it relates to receiving information on if the home that you are looking at is located in an area where there is a low crime rate. It also doesn’t hurt to ask people living next door and across the street of the home that you’re interested in to inquire about how long they’ve been living there. People who have been in a house for 10 or more years with very little complaints are a really good sign that you may have found the neighborhood that you’ve been searching for.

Look for garage sales. It might seem odd initially to take a garage sale sign as an indication that the neighborhood could be good for you and your family, but the main focus here is that when people are comfortable enough to host those at their house, it presents the impression that there’s a strong sense of community and neighborly support. So, if you are driving around one weekend and you see a sign in an area that you like, pull over and ask the home owner a few questions. It definitely could end up being well worth your while.


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