Ebates or BigCrumbs?

Ok Moms. I’d like some input from you. I’m always looking to save money as I’m sure you are too. There are lots of programs like Upromise, Ebates, BigCrumbs and FatWallet to help you save with online purchases. I do tend to do a lot of my purchases online so I’m looking at a few sites. If you have experience with any and would like to share you input please feel free to.

I’m already enrolled with Upromise but don’t get much put in there as the grocery stores I shop at aren’t part of the program so it doesn’t do me much good. I like MyPoints for getting giftcards but I’m looking for cash savings and BigCrumbs will do that to my paypal account. Ebates looks likes mails check and lately I’ve had several rebates and other checks lost by the USPS but that’s another story with no ending yet.

I’m going to give BigCrumbs a try, I think. Anyone use it and actually save anything or make anything this way? I’ll give it a shot and share my view. Leave a comment and share yours.

I’m sure I’m not the only mom curious about these sites.

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