Entertaining children on long haul flights

Travel with the whole family in tow can be a pretty special experience for everyone. It’s not often (well, it’s not often for most of us) that we get a chance to take the whole family out for a special adventure, and when you do there’s a lot that goes into it. Especially if you’re the parent who’s responsible for putting everything together. That family vacation has a ton of moving parts to it, and it’s up to you to make sure they’re all moving in perfect harmony. This can get pretty overwhelming, and it doesn’t help that a lot of times, at least one of those moving parts has a little mind of its own. There’s enough to keep track of when you’ve got to make sure all the details of food, activity, and lodgings are accounted for, but when you throw some kids into the mix, you can have a recipe for a seriously tough time as a parent. Fortunately, there are a few easy secrets that you can use to help keep your kids nice and calm during your long trip. Sometimes it takes a while to get to where we’re going, and kids aren’t always the best at understanding that sometimes we have to endure a long trip before we can enjoy that awesome vacation. Little ones can get unruly in the backseat or next to you on a plane (heaven forbid), so we’ll talk about how to keep your tykes under control so they don’t drive you or anyone around you crazy.

Activities are going to be your best friend when you’re going somewhere; it’s a really good idea to make sure you’ve got plenty of things that your little one can do to keep occupied while you and the rest of your family are in transit. Coloring books, regular books, and any kind of toy or trinket you can muster are great ways to hold your kids’ attention. Always make sure the toys are age-appropriate in their level of safety, and it’s a smart idea to avoid just putting on a DVD and letting the screen do its magic for the duration of the journey. Of course, having the option of some fun video entertainment isn’t the end of the world, but it’s always good to make sure you include things that the kids can do to actively engage with themselves.

Food is your other ally when you’re traveling. It might come as a surprise, but keeping those kids well-fed is one of the keys to maintaining a good energy level. When that blood sugar starts to get low, kids can get fussy and cranky. At this point, it doesn’t matter how nice those luxury Berlin apartments you rented are — the trip is going to seem like it takes forever. Feed your little ones a very healthy meal before you leave, with lots of protein, and make sure you have good snacks for the trip. Peanuts are great, as are fruits and other healthy treats that’ll keep them feeling nice and pleasant.


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