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Iron Woody Fitness provides the best strength bands and fitness tools that are needed to lose weight or stay in shape. As a business that started in 2003, the goal has always been about bringing customers the best products for the best prices. Unlike other companies who wanted to charge their customers a great deal of money and get rich off of them, we wanted to provide a service that was beneficial and affordable.

We started with the desire to build our company on economical pricing for great products. We search and deliver the highest quality products on the market, but put them at prices that can anyone can handle. We still have to cover our expenses, but we pass the savings on to our customers. All of our products are shipped from the Postal Service for the best rates, no fancy carrier service that charges way too much. Because our store is located completely on the internet, we have low overhead; another way we can save our customers.

If people think we are just another fitness company selling products on the internet, thing again. Some of our regular customers include:

*Kent State

*University Of Texas


*North Carolina


*University Of Pittsburgh

*Northern Illinois Lutheran College

While these are just a few of our top schools, there are ample others that also count on us for their fitness needs. If all of these Ivy League schools can do business with us, then we are legit.

We don’t have a big call center that runs 24/7; again our goal is to keep prices low. We communicate with our customers through email. We sell unique items like the assisted pull up bands package, click here to find more about it. A great workout doesn’t have to be done on a huge piece of equipment, it can be done on power bands and have the same great results. We have some of the best strength bands and packages around.

Iron Woody’s periodically runs specials for our valued customers. Because our prices are already low, we still know that some people wait till the best deal to purchase their items. Need supplements for the workout training, we have those too? We have everything that a person or team needs to get the best work out of their lives. With budget friendly pricing and amazing customer service, Iron Woody’s is the place to shop!

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