A landscape pond for beauty, enjoyment and value

The landscape is a critical part of our home environment, and we’re always looking for new things to add. Even without a struggle to keep up with the Joneses, we all want to add great features to our home without breaking the bank or creating headaches with the upkeep.

Beautiful plants and sturdy retaining walls make your home more beautiful and livable, but if you want a little “Wow!” for the yard and garden, you should consider an ornamental pond.

Don’t worry, this isn’t Happy Jack’s Catfish Colony. Modern ornamental ponds stay clean and beautiful with modest expense and effort. Meanwhile they provide some great benefits for you and your family.

Learning About Nature

Kids need to learn that water isn’t just something we play or bathe in. It’s an entire habitat for an amazing array of wildlife that is represented in even the smallest bodies of water.

Careful management of a landscape pond can make it a perfect environment for fish, creating an opportunity to teach your children about their eating habits and need for oxygen. They’ll also see aquatic insects and learn the value of keeping water moving to prevent mosquito infestations.

Those lessons will come to them in a relaxed, sermon-free situation and will help them learn the importance of caring for the environment, making them more responsible adults.

Providing a Soothing Setting

When we think about pleasant places to go in the outdoors, we almost always imagine a location with water. Whether it’s a placid pond, a gurgling stream, or the hypnotic action of waves at the beach, there is something comforting about the sound of water moving.

With regular visits to a landscape pond, you may soon find that your little ones derive that same relaxation from your own little slice of Atlantis. Placing a bench nearby can create a perfect spot for story time, which can make a smooth transition right into a nap.

And when the demands of being Maxi-Mom begin to pile up, you have just the place to go and let your burdens gently wash away.

Adding Value to Your Home

The previous point doesn’t just apply to you, after all. The nicer your home is for you, the better it looks to potential buyers as well.

A well-kept landscape pond provides a unique landscaping feature that many buyers find appealing. Being able to describe its construction and installation is helpful as well, since many people expect such a landscape element to include a growling, grunting pump.

Make sure when you install your pond that you utilize a submersible pump in order to reduce the noise involved in keeping your ornamental pond clean and alive.

There are mechanical benefits as well, since a submersible pump is sort of swimming in its own big radiator. That keeps it cooler and increases its lifespan. The combination of silence and durability will make it a strong selling point should you ever place your home on the market.

Ornamental ponds are a fun and unusual yard feature. Adding one to your landscape makes it a distinctive destination around the home for learning and play. Do your background work, buy quality materials, and install them properly and you’ll gain all these benefits and more.

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