How to throw a cheap last-minute holiday party

Can you believe it? Here we are, on the brink of yet another holiday season. This means lots of cold weather, plenty of homemade food and perhaps even a holiday party or two. In fact, if you’ve been thinking about throwing a last-minute festive event for your family members and friends but you’re not sure if it’s something that your budget can handle, you’re in luck. We actually have some really great money-saving tips that can make your holiday party the talk of the town without you having to break the bank in the process below:

Serve appetizers. If you’re going to host a small dinner for a few couples, then a full-course meal can be really nice. But if you’re planning to invite more than 10-12 people over, we recommend that you nix the dinner plans and go with appetizers instead. The great thing about this option is that there are all kinds of wonderful and fairly easy to make recipes for the holidays. Just go to your favorite search engine and put “holiday appetizer recipes” in the search field.

Offer a mixed drink. Would it truly be a holiday party without some alcohol on tap? The thing is, if you opt to serve champagne, wine or beer, that could get to be pretty expensive. It can be much cheaper and a lot more fun to serve a signature mixed drink instead. English Christmas Punch, Eggnog and Candy Cane are all drinks that are sure to be a big hit.

Upcycle the decorations you already have. You might think that in order to create the perfect kind of ambiance, you must purchase a lot of decorations but we feel quite the contrary. For one thing, if you’re someone who happens to put up your Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, that in itself is a really nice decor for the room where your guests will be interacting with one another. However, if you want to add some other items, light some candles that you already own, collect some pine cones and evergreen branches from your backyard, and put some Christmas tree ornaments in some long glass vases. That’s always a pretty centerpiece on any table.

Use your own dishes. If you’re about to head out to the store to get some paper or plastic dishware, don’t. It’s just more waste that you’ll have to deal with later. Instead, go with your own dishes, glasses and silverware. It’s a classy touch plus if you need a couple of more pieces, you can find them for cheap at your local Dollar Store or Wal-Mart. And remember, what you own, you can use over and over again.

Invite people online. Although sending out paper invitations can be a classy touch, preparing them can be pretty time-consuming and let’s be honest, after people read them, they tend to throw them in the trash anyway. This means that you spent quite a bit of money on something that no one held onto. We find it to be far more efficient to send out Christmas party online invitations¬†instead. Companies like Evite have great holiday templates that you can send them out (and people can RSVP) in just a matter of moments, plus you didn’t waste any paper products in the process which makes it a great eco-friendly approach too. Happy Holidays!


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