5 healthier fast food choices for kids

When you’re out and about with kids, it is often difficult to find meals that they can eat and that they will like. Kids can be super picky, and will often crave the foods that are the worst for them. These fast foods are typically filled with saturated fat that kids don’t need! Often, unhealthy fast food options like McDonalds or $5 pizza may seem like your only choice. Instead of feeding your kids with non-nutritious, fattening foods, consider your alternatives and help them to make smart, health conscious decisions. Here are 5 healthier fast food choices for kids that they will like to eat and you will feel good about feeding them!

healthier fast food choices

  1. Au Bon Pain offers many nutritious options for kids when you are out and about. One great option is a strawberry smoothie. These have some sugar to energize your kids, protein to keep them full, as well as Vitamins C for their immune systems. Plus, this is a meal they can take on the go in a cup without having to worry about a mess! It is a perfect breakfast on-the-road option when you don’t have time to sit down to eat.
  2. If you stop at a Burger King, you can make sure your child’s meal is balanced. Offer them a hamburger, with a low fat chocolate milk as well as apple slices. They will get a good amount of fiber to offset the high calorie count of the burger. This will hold them over while still being good for them.
  3. At McDonalds, a four piece chicken nugget option with a yogurt and fruit parfait is well balanced and comes in under 400 calories. The chicken and yogurt will give them protein as well as their daily serving of calcium and some immune system boosting vitamin c!
  4. At Subway your child can get a mini-sub on wheat bread. Load the sandwich with turkey, mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. As a side they can have a box of raisins. This will give them plenty of fiber, calcium, protein, carbs, and more! They can have a milk, water or juice on the side as well to wash it all down!
  5. Finally, if you visit Chick-fil-a, a chargrilled chicken sandwich with barbecue sauce and a large fruit cup will more than satisfy your child’s hunger and taste buds! The fruit provides your child’s daily vitamin c needs and the chicken sandwich will give them the energy they need to be on the go all day long!

Instead of giving in and letting your child have junky fast foods, make smart food choices even when dining in fast food establishments. If you choose wisely, you can find items on the menu that not only taste good, but that are also somewhat good for your kids to eat. Make sure your child gets a balanced meal that provides some carbs, proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamin c, calcium and more. Foods such as the ones listed on this menu will give your child the fuel they need until their next meal, even if you can only stop by a fast food joint!


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