Doing A Game Or Jigsaw Puzzle Together Builds Family Relationships

Puzzle 1 UnsolvedCreative Commons License photo credit: healthserviceglasses

Having a weekly games night is a great way to build family communication and relationships. Life’s busy routines can so often keep us so occupied that families can lose connection. By scheduling a weekly time where the family get together and do a jigsaw puzzle, or play games together is a great way to have family time.

Try games like Pictionary, card games like Uno, or board games like Frustration or Life for a family of fun. When choosing games to play do remember these important considerations. Is the game fun for everyone, or does it seem all work and thinking some of the players? How long does the game take to play? You don’t want to lose the players’ attention because it takes too long. Does the game encourage competition, and make the losers feel incompetent or discouraged It’s important for kids to learn how to lose and still have fun. However it is important to have a balance, so don’t intentionally letting the kids win all the time, but don’t ruthlessly beat them every time either. Make it fun. If losing is a problem for some of the kids, check out some of the new cooperative games where everyone is on the same team.

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