Pumpkin Carving the Easy Way

...for all you devil worshippers out there,Creative Commons License photo credit: BrandontheMandon

With Halloween right around the corner it is time to start doing some pumpkin carving.  By now there are pumpkins for sale on every corner and pumpkin patches are in full swing.  There will be a thousands of pumpkins carved this year for either your front porch or maybe even a contest.  Below I have included some great ideas to make carving a pumpkin more fun and less messy.

First you need to decide on the size of the pumpkin compaired to the design you want to do on the pumpkin.  Make sure that your pumpkin is big enough for your design, but don’t get a huge pumpkin for a little design.  Complex scenes normally work better on short fat pumpkins while witches on broom sticks need to be on tall thin pumpkins.

You want to draw the design on a piece of tracing paper.  If you use tracing paper it will make it easier for you to see when it is time to tranfer your design onto the pumpkin.  You want to use an x-acto knife or a sharp knife. You want to score the pumpkin through the tracing paper. By scoring the pumpkin you are making carving much easier. And easy is what we are trying for.

Alot of times you want to maybe just pick up a pumpking carving kit.  A pumpkin carving kit makes the job that much easier. Pumpkin carving kits are great for slicing through the soft shell of the pumpkin, but make it very friendly for our hands and fingers.  And remember when using any type of tool aways cut or move away from the body.

There are also electric carving tools made for carving pumpkins. The simpler the process the more fun it is going to be.  But make sure you don’t let the tool get away from you or you will destroy your pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving is something that takes place every fall.  Some towns hold a fall festival and will give prizes for the best carved pumpkin. And just because you are not an artist you could still win a prize for most original or funniest looking.

So this year take the task out of pumpkin carving and have a little fun.  Make it as simple of a job as possible. And have fun.  Create something fun and exicting and just remember to be safe this Halloween.

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