Clingy Cord

Have you heard of the Clingy Cord yet? Well, if you haven’t let me tell you about this product :)

The Clingy Cord provides a great solution for when your little ones are in the throwing, dropping or losing their toys, cups or other items stage.

The elastic cord is covered in fabric, which can be purchased in many different designs and then consists of these important features:

Plastic Link – The plastic link is what you can use to secure the Clingy Cord to car seats, strollers, high chairs, etc.

Sliding Knot – To hold your child’s items you use the “sliding knot” which is made up of plastic beads that create a loop that you can tighten. You simply open the loop and place it around the object, then you adjust the beads to create a snug fit.

I remember when my oldest son was in the throwing stage and he use to have a small stuffed Tigger toy that he had to take everywhere. One particular day we went to a fair and we used his stroller to push him around. He really enjoyed throwing that Tigger toy out of his stroller every chance he got. So, you can imagine how dirty that little stuffed Tigger became :) I wish I had the Clingy Cord back then, if would have stopped poor little Tigger from hitting the ground and getting so filthy.

Visit CaitiMac Creations to learn more about the Clingy Cord.

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