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Last October, I wrote a column called “What Should You Name Your Twins?” and included a list of the most popular twins names according to the Social Security Administration. That list was recently updated, and following were the most popular names given twins in the United States in 2006. I was interested to see that my “Caleb” dropped from number 18 in 2005 to number 21 in 2006, and my “Austen” (Austin) dropped right off the list in 2006, while it was number 89 in 2005. Are either of your twins’ names on this list? If you’re pregnant with twins, do these names give you any ideas, or would you rather select names that are less popular? By the looks of this list, sound-alike names and Biblical names are hot! If you’re still trying to decide on names, check out my previous article for some tips.

1. Jacob, Joshua

2. Mathew, Michael

3. Daniel, David

4. Ella, Emma

5. Isaac, Isaiah

6. Madison, Morgan

7. Landon, Logan

8. Taylor, Tyler

9. Brandon, Bryan

10. Christian, Christopher

11. Gabriella, Isabella

12. Andrew, Matthew

13. Faith, Hope

14. Ethan, Evan

15. Jacob, Joseph

16. Joseph, Joshua

17. Mackenzie, Madison

18. Alexander, Benjamin

19. Hailey, Hannah

20. Madison, Matthew

21. Caleb, Joshua

22. Emily, Ethan

23. Isabella, Sophia

24. Joshua, Matthew

25. Nathan, Nicholas

26. Andrew, Anthony

27. Jayden, Jordan

28. Madison, Mason

29. Elijah, Isaiah

30. Jeremiah, Joshua

31. Alexander, Nicholas

32. Emma, Ethan

33. Olivia, Sophia

34. Ava, Emma

35. Hayden, Hunter

36. Logan, Luke

37. Natalie, Nathan

38. Christopher, Nicholas

39. Haley, Hannah

40. Jacob, Zachary

41. John, William

42. Nathan, Noah

43. Benjamin, Samuel

44. James, John

45. Jordan, Justin

46. Megan, Morgan

47. Alexander, Anthony

48. Isabella, Olivia

49. Jacob, Jordan

50. Joseph, Michael

51. Nicholas, Noah

52. Alexander, Andrew

53. Alexander, Christopher

54. Andrew, Jacob

55. Christopher, Matthew

56. Elijah, Ethan

57. Jacob, Samuel

58. James, Joseph

59. Matthew, Ryan

60. Ava, Olivia

61. Emma, Grace

62. Emma, Hannah

63. Jacob, Matthew

64. Jaden, Jordan

65. Jason, Justin

66. Jordan, Joshua

67. Makayla, Makenzie

68. Zachary, Zoe

69. Abigail, Emily

70. Andrew, William

71. Benjamin, Jacob

72. Emma, Olivia

73. Ethan, Nathan

74. Gabriel, Michael

75. Hannah, Sarah

76. Jacob, Justin

77. Jacob, Tyler

78. Jennifer, Jessica

79. Jonathan, Joshua

80. Jose, Juan

81. Mark, Matthew

82. Natalie, Nicole

83. Samuel, Sophia

84. Abigail, Emma

85. Alexander, William

86. Anna, Emma

87. Ashley, Emily

88. Ava, Sophia

89. Cameron, Christian

90. Emily, Sarah

91. Emma, Jacob

92. Grace, Hannah

93. Grace, Olivia

94. Jayden, Jaylen

95. Joseph, Nicholas

96. Joshua, Zachary

97. Logan, Lucas

98. Madison, Megan

99. Parker, Preston

100. Robert, William

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