Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome: 7 Helpful Strategies

If your kids are moving out, going off to college, getting married or traveling half way across the world, you may go through what is called the empty nest syndrome. Empty nest syndrome is when the parents go through a period of loss or mourning after their kids leave the house they were raised in. Empty nest syndrome affects every parent differently and some parents need some help to get through this time. There are numerous ways that a parent can get over this difficult hurdle and move on with their personal lives. Here are 7 different ways a parent can get through the empty nest syndrome.

* Start a home business to get you busy
* Have a celebration for your kid’s departure
* Try to communicate with your child at least once a week
* Go traveling
* Get a job to keep you focused and motivated
* Take some part or full time courses in something you have always wanted to study
* Enjoy some romance with your husband and go on a second honeymoon

It feels like just yesterday your children were crawling around and playing with building blocks and barbies. The loss can sometimes be overbearing and it is a good idea to use one of the seven recommended strategies to get you through it. It also isn’t easy for the children, but they have an immediate focus on their next adventure so it might be a little less stressful for them. Once the first part of empty nest syndrome is over, you will get back on track. If you are a parent that works from home or stays at home it might be a bit more difficult and the loss will feel greater. Take whatever time you need to recover and then jump into a new project or do one of the seven strategies mentioned to get you off and running.

Parents try to prepare for this day, but can never be prepared for the feelings that may arise when the kids actually do leave. Look at it as a positive life changing moment for you and your kids. Start taking care of yourself and doing things you have wanted to do and didn’t have the chance to do before. Your kids will be only a phone call away and you will feel better as you start getting busy within your own life. Take a trip to a place you have always dreamed of!

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  1. I have friends who dreaded their coming empty nest. Then when it happened, they were shell-shocked for a while but have now come around to really enjoying their child-free time.