Keep That Binky Clean!

I used to cringe when I went to the store and I saw a binky that fell to the floor.  I saw so many mothers pick that pacifier up off the floor and stick it in their mouths and right back into their child’s mouth.  This is a pet peeve of mine and I vowed that I would never do that.  When I had my own child I would carry around a bottle of water to clean a fallen pacifier.  I also found a wonderful bib that was blue with an elephant on the front of it.  The elephant’s trunk came right down the front of this bib with a snap at the end just to hold on to the pacifier.  The problem was solved.  The elephant bib was a favorite of mine.  He wore that bib whenever we had to go out somewhere.  I want to personally thank the inventor of that product.

While surfing the net for a gift for my niece’s little blessing I searched for a similar product.  Lo and behold, at I found just what I was looking for.  My new little niece is definitely getting one of these amongst her gifts.  They come in three styles and I am sure that it will be just as appreciated as mine was.  Binky problem solved!

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