Women Can Experience Hair Loss

Women can experience hair loss just like men as they age. The same reasons for hair loss apply to women just as they do to men. Losing your hair can be a very difficult time for you and even traumatic. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of reasons such as medication use, thyroid conditions, chronic illness, stress, anemia, inflammatory conditions and more.

There are some differences in how men and women lose their hair. Men tend to lose their hair from the front and to the back, while women can experience hair loss from the top of their heads. Men lose their hair because of their age and are usually genetically predisposed to hair loss. Women can experience hair loss at anytime in their lives and when young, it can be quite disturbing. Medical circumstances can also cause problems for women and their hair.

If you maintain a healthy, balanced diet, sleep the recommended hours and avoid stress in your life, you might be able to avoid hair loss. Your diet should include a variety of foods such as fish, dark leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, chicken, and fruits. Avoid using any products on your hair that can be potentially damaging. Chemical treatments and dyes are very damaging to the hair follicles. Hair loss experts recommend that keeping your hair short or layered helps keep the hair strong.

It is also good to stop shampooing your hair as much as you do. Limit the amount of times you dry your hair or use heating products such as a curling iron. It is also recommended to stop putting your hair in positions that pull on your hair as it stresses it. Experts say that we can cause breakage when we brush our hair after washing. The hair is much more fragile when it is wet and should be left to dry or combined gently.

It is always good to use conditioners as they keep the hair from becoming brittle and will prevent hair loss. There are so many conditioners and shampoo out there for you to choose from. Choose the products that have low chemical components and avoid being in the sun too much. The sun causes damage and scalp irritation.

There are many reasons why men and women lose their hair and we all naturally lose hair as we grow older. It is good to use the suggestions above to keep your hair looking healthy and glowing.

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  1. Women are absolutely more prone to experience hair loss. For we are more stress, constantly changing hair style and like to try things without even proving it first. It’s mainly the reason why we get too much hair fall compared to men. And pregnancy is one great factor on losing hair.