Women: Letting the Fear of Aging Go

Women should let go of their fears of aging as aging varies for all women differently. Some women who are 80 years old look like they are 60 and vice versa. Aging is a natural process that happens to everyone. Wrinkles and fine lines tell stories of a woman’s life and should not be frowned upon. Look at aging as a beautiful process and not like your beauty is fading. Smiling and laughter won’t age you, so remember to do as much of it as you can.

Nowadays, many women are hooked on cosmetic surgery and getting themselves tucked, lifted and suctioned. The cosmetic surgery industry is booming and making millions off of women and their constant fear of aging. They are constantly trying to stop the aging process and to hide any lines, discoloration or bumps in their face. Surgery tends to make people look older and some surgeries do not come out the way as planned. The women who have had surgery done on their faces look somewhat distorted and unnatural. Women are putting themselves on the chopping block just to look a few years younger which is quite sad. Has growing old gracefully gone out the door? There are so many risks that come along with cosmetic surgery and it is best to discuss every concern with your doctor and surgeon beforehand.

Women and men are living longer these days and can live up to around 105 years old. Aging should be natural and not stressful. Cosmetic surgeons will be making even more millions as years go by because there doesn’t seem to be many people that want to let the aging process happen like it is meant to. Women are trying to control aging and are constantly stressing over wrinkles and lines. This doesn’t sound like a stress free life does it? Men tend to look smart, classic and distinguished as they age, while women feel they fall apart. Women can achieve this classic look just like men if they take care of themselves on a daily basis. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol can definitely increase the aging process as well as being over exposed to the sun. To look and feel young it is best to enjoy a healthy outlook on life and eat well, exercise regularly and enjoy life to the fullest. Embrace your age, live in the moment and work on taking care of yourself more.

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