How to put together three awesome outfits for fall 2012

While everybody seems to be up on the skinny of fashion trends for fall, one never really gets the complete picture. Sure, there are scarf experts, footwear gurus and accessory divas everywhere you turn. But what are the must-have outfits for the fall? We’ve tossed together three complete attire suggestion, for inspiration purposes only. Read on to find out what we’ve come up with.


50s Inspired Simplicity

It’s true what they say: simplicity never goes out of style. And there is no better way to sartorially illustrate this age-old refrain than with a plain white tee and a pair of slim-cut, or second skin jeans. Some more particular fashionistas out there might scrunch up their eyebrows and claim there is absolutely no novelty in this idea—after all, the white-tee-cum-denim combo has been around for more than half a century, since the glory days of Jimmy Dean and other innovative fashion outcasts. However, the news for this season comes from the department of accessories, and womens shoes in particular. Last spring, or in fall 2011, you might have paired up this outfit with a pair of mid-heel pointed shoes. This season, it’s all about neon flats. Add a tube scarf on top, a pair of pearly or Zirconium studs and you’re all set for the nippier days of autumn.


Leggy in Lace

Lace has been making rounds on the fashion scene since this time last year, and for fall 2012 it’s back and more popular than ever, especially in nude colors and high-waist cuts for bottoms. Pair a dark button-down shirt with a lace skirt or pair of hot pants, toss a chain strap purse over one shoulder, and go creative for headgear and footwear. Fedoras are still in, although experts are claiming they’re losing important ground to bowler hats. Choose a simple pair of mid-heels or flats for warm, sunny days, or toss a cropped denim jacket on top for chilly days. Also, if autumn winds are rustling up the leaves outside your door, don’t forget an oversized scarf, by far the season’s hottest accessory.


Buckle-Up, Bronco

Equestrian-inspired outfits have also been around for quite some time, on the urban fashion radar. However, since this season marks the long-awaited return of the high boot, it seems like we’re going to see more of them in fall 2012 than ever before. Tuck in a pair of simple leggings, or go bold in jodhpur pants. Layer some knitwear for the top part of your outfit, and remember that the rich cognac shade of brown of your boots will go just great with pearly white or nude tones for the upper part of your body.

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