Covered Bridges of the Northern Amish Country

covered bridge
Take a scenic drive through the town of Ephrata in Lancaster, PA and visit the land of the northern Amish.  Five historical covered bridges stand today and were once the setting of love and romance.

Butcher’s Mill Covered Bridge, running over Cocalico Creek, was built in 1881.  This is the second shortest bridge of its kind in this Lancaster County area measuring at 68 feet in length.

Red Run Covered Bridge, straddling Muddy Creek, was built in 1866.  This bridge is also called Run Red Grist Mill Bridge and Red Bank Bridge.  Unfortunately, this bridge is no longer open, as it is now privately owned.

Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge built in 1878 over the Conestoga River is also known as Isaac Shearer’s Mill Bridge.  You will often see Amish folk driving their buggies across this bridge.

Pool Forge Covered Bridge built in 1859, like the Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge, also lies across the Conestoga River.  History records state that before he became President James Buchanan met his fiance here.  Unfortunately, she passed away before actually taking her hand in marriage.  James remained a bachelor and in fact is the only President to stay that way.

Bitzer’s Mill Covered Bridge, also covering the Conestoga River, was built in 1846.  Other names that this bridge is known by are Fiantz’s Mill Bridge, Martin’s Mill Bridge, and Eberly’s Cider Mill Bridge.  This bridge is Lancaster County’s oldest bridge and still being used today by tourists.

Still used today by romanticists, these bridges will never lose their magic in terms of the history of love and beauty.

Various other places of interest along the way include a farmer’s market, an auction, stores, restaurants, and furnishings all filled with handcrafted items, art, music, delicious food and more.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chris Happel

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