About Beckie Stewart

Some other bio information on me includes that I am a mother of 5, the first 4 that range in the age of 14 to 21, and then our 3 year old from Kazakhstan. I serve on the Board of “Our Creators Hope”, a ministry that raises funds to help couples adopting domestically as well as internationally.

Daddy’s Little Helper

Our four-year daughter enjoys the times she can come along side my husband while he works on a project around the house. Most of the time, she joins … [Read more...]

The Cheerful Giver

It was another typical Sunday morning for Miss Debbie as she came to teach her toddler class at church. She had an established routine, and the … [Read more...]

Scrabble Lessons

I've always been a little competitive in the academic field. Since I am not athletic, I thrive on competition regarding my mind and my own will power … [Read more...]