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Twin breastfeeding pillows – Baby gear for twins series

Admin note: This is liss's second baby gear for twins reviews. You can check out her first post which reviews the best bassinet for twins. Hi … [Read more...]

Bassinet for twins- Baby gear for twins series

Admin note: this is the first part of the a review series where my good friend Liss who has twins will review some of the best baby gear for twins. … [Read more...]

Family Time Management- Coping with technology

It may be hard to conceptualize how technology and family time could converge in beneficial ways. But they can and you may be able to harness this … [Read more...]

Best health insurance for couples

If you are in a long-term, committed relationship, then you know that life is significantly different from that of a single person. On the one hand, … [Read more...]

Staycation ideas for couples with kids

While flying on a transcontinental flight recently, I struck up a conversation with a weary young couple who were returning home with their three … [Read more...]

Baby nursery decorating ideas – 4 tips you can try!

You probably envisioned what it would be like to have a baby for years. So many of us can hardly believe that we’re pregnant and there’s so much … [Read more...]

How to get kids ready for schools – Read this 5 tips!

School mornings are probably the roughest times for parents and kids. I know that after the all my kids have walked out the door, I breathe a sigh of … [Read more...]

Mudroom storage ideas

If your mudroom looks like a tornado went through it, there is hope for getting this space organized and looking neat. Whether your mudroom is just a … [Read more...]

Family Rituals-are they important

Family Rituals Can Define Your Family Family structure is built on many shared experiences. Your family rituals can help define your family's … [Read more...]

Children bedroom designs need to be safe

A new addition to the family is a happy yet stressful time in any parent. With so much to consider before the big arrival, it’s not only money worries … [Read more...]