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– Online business ideas that you can start today.

Almost all of us know how to do something that someone else either does not know how to do, or they do not want to do. Whether that is answering a telephone, making sales calls, or creating stunning graphics or crafting brilliant sales letters there is a skill that you can offer online.

Making money online as a service provider is the fastest way to start making a full time living working from the comfort of your home. You must have only the desire, skill and proper technology to get started. ¬†Well, you’re going to have to market yourself too, but you’re ahead of the pack if you have skills. Here are a few different ideas for a service provider to offer online to clients.

Administrative Services

Often called a Virtual Assistant online in this online career you will provide secretarial services to your clients on a remote basis. You will be using technology when necessary to accomplish needed tasks such as: Uploading and scheduling blog posts, managing client email, formatting eBooks and writing letters. With the proper technology you can even answer your clients telephone calls and transfer them.

Graphic Design

If you have all the latest and greatest software for graphic designers, and know how to make banners, headers, advertisements, buttons, eBook and report covers and more you can make a full time living. Set up a website with a portfolio and start marketing your services today.

Website Design

There is always a need for website and blog designers and developers. The needed services online are: experts, Drupal experts, Joomla experts you’ll do better if you pick a niche and market just to them instead of everyone. Build some websites on your own to make a portfolio, and start marketing your services, and you’ll be doing business in no time.

Website Maintenance

There are businesses that only need people who can take care of their daily maintenance of their websites such as performing security updates, backups, and that type of service. Keeping websites backed up can become a full time job for you and help your clients sleep well at night knowing you’re there if something goes wrong.

Content Writer

All these websites, blogs, ads, magazines and newsletters need content. While online writers often have to compete with offshore outsourcers who sell content for pennies, the recent Google smack down to content mills spells big business for many unique, educated and contentious content writers. If you’re well versed in keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) all the better.

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