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Anche le magre hanno la cellulite...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Occhi Rivoluzionari… As we know, cellulite can be a rather unsightly, not to mention embarrassing, problem to some, but it’s also important to remember that while we can’t yet prevent it from appearing, we can control the severity of bothersome cellulite with some simple lifestyle changes.

Most everyone easily recognizes cellulite as had heard the familiar term “cottage cheese thighs” in reference to the lumpy appearance of the skin that has also been likened to the rind of an orange. Cellulite most often appears on any one of three different parts of the body, either the buttocks, hips and thighs, or the abdominal area.

Women are far more affected by cellulite than their male counterparts, and some people experience more severe cases of cellulite than others. Despite the erroneous belief that cellulite is some type of medical condition, it is merely a term used to describe the deposits of fat cells just beneath the skin’s surface.

The Different Causes of Cellulite

In the years just before the onset of puberty, a young girl’s body and hormones are going through many changes and one of these changes is the formation of excess fat cells within the skin’s deepest layer, which is technically known as the subcutaneous fat layer.

As extra fat cells accumulate within the subcutaneous layer of skin, a distinct pattern begins to form which helps the body hold onto the needed cells. However, when too much fat is deposited and stored within this layer, “dimples” appear on the surface of the skin as that framework or pattern cannot handle the excess cells. Scientists now know that a man’s subcutaneous layer of skin is much different and the patterns of cells and fibers that store fat are more column-shaped, making the stored fat tissue less apparent.

In all actuality because of the basic framework of the skin’s cells, every women has the potential to develop at least some cellulite during their lifetime, especially if they gain weight. However, “normal” amounts of fat cells will not usually cause the visible dimpling on the outside of the skin simply because there’s enough room for them.

Effective Ways of Treating Cellulite

While wearing long pants certainly helps to hide cellulite, it’s not always feasible, nor desirable, to remain covered up at all times, especially during the summer months. You could also waste a large amount of money experimenting with a variety of different products who claim to get rid of cellulite and never achieve the same results you would with natural, and free, treatments. Treating cellulite naturally doesn’t entail some magical herb or potion, but rather with basic diet and exercise as the best, and only way to truly get rid of cellulite is to actually shrink the fat cells themselves that lie within the subcutaneous layer of skin.

And, despite what the advertisers and manufacturers of the innumerable cellulite treatment products such as creams, lotions, pills, and wraps, would like you to believe, simply following a healthy, sensible diet that focuses on natural foods like fruits or vegetables and whole grains is a far better approach than wasting money on products that won’t ever do what they say. Be sure to consume foods that are low in fats and incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine in the form of simple, low-impact exercises such as walking or biking.

Even getting regular, relaxing massages may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite due to the circular motions used that actually break down the fat deposits.

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