Toy Troubles

No doubt you’ve seen and heard about all the toy recalls lately. There just seems to be a rash of them lately or maybe I just never noticed till I became a mom.

Recalls on everything from Barbie and Gymboree products to Thomas the Tank Engine (you know how popular these are).

Trusted toy manufacturers like Fisher-Price have recalls on infant toys. I’ve been reading so much about lead poisoning this just plain scares me. Children having toys with lead especially babies who put all their toys in their mouths.

If you have children or babies please look over the list of recalled toys. I keep the webpage saved in my favorites now so I can keep up to date on this issue. Here’s the link for you from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission so you won’t have to keep looking it up. That’s just the toy recalls; you can check for other recalls as well.

Take a few minutes to look over the list you’d be surprised at how many toys you may have in your home or at the daycare center your child attends.

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