How to help your child science fair project

Science is practically synonymous with progress in our world. Without the brilliant and creative work of scientists throughout history, we would never be able to enjoy all of the luxuries afforded to us in modern life, nor would we have any significant understanding of our world and how it works. Getting kids interested in science is a great idea for a number of reasons. It will help them learn about the world in which they live, give them a productive hobby, and encourage the development of critical and analytic thinking all at the same time. Get involved in your child’s next science project to help nurture a love of learning and the pursuit of knowledge.

All scientists need a little help to get them started on their paths. Einstein, Newton, Edison, and all of the other geniuses of history wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without their moms. Playing a part in your child’s science projects will be a great help to them in several ways. Your involvement will give them a sense of validation–something children need when they are growing up in their early years. They will also have an easier time understanding the complicated concepts they face when you are there to help. Children are full of questions, and they need teachers there to help them find the answers.

You can also help your kids come up with creative and interesting ideas for projects. Making a volcanic eruption with baking soda and vinegar is fun, but it’s been done to death. Science is about exploring new ground, not rehashing cliches. Ask your kids what they’d be interested in experimenting. The scientific process always begins with a question. What mystery would your kids be most interested in examining? May they’ve always wondered how batteries or magnets work, or maybe they’re more interested in outdoor phenomena like the changing colors of leaves. Anything they wonder about can be the start of a wonderful scientific experiment.

Naturally, many scientific experiments and projects involve building some kind of apparatus or procuring unusual materials. This is one area in which your child will definitely need help and supervision. Plan out shopping trips to science supply stores, or check out websites like for hard to find supplies for chemistry projects. Be sure to read all of the safety precautions on materials used in experimenting, as many can be toxic, caustic, or otherwise dangerous when they get into mouths, eyes, or contact with skin. Also be sure to supervise any use of tools, fire, or other potential safety hazards.

Fostering a love of science is one of the best things you can do for your children. The aim of science is to expand our knowledge and seek the truth; we’ve come a long way in our relatively short history, but there will always be a need for intelligent new minds. You never know–your child could be the next revolutionary mind in science, and it could all begin with your encouragement.


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