Matisse & Jack’s – Healthy Snack Mixes

Are you looking for some healthy bake at home snacks for your family? Well, I recently had the oppotunity to review some products last week that were devoured by my kids within hours.

Matisse & Jack’s offer a variety of healthy and delicious snacks that require little effort on your part, which are all natural and junk free. Simply add a few ingredients to their mixes and bake, very easy and very quick. I have found these make excellent after school snacks and my kids are now hooked on them.

Matisse & Jack’s graciously sent me a package of each mix that they currently have available; Granola Bites, Cocoa Squares, Cranberry Power Snacks and Chocolate Chip Power Snacks.

The first package I made was their Granola Bites. I simply followed their baking instructions, which required adding honey, butter and water to their mix and then added a tablespoon of the mixture to my mini-muffin pan, to create “mini bites”. They smelled so good while they were baking (which is under 15 minutes) and better yet, they looked and tasted homemade.

As I mentioned a little earlier in my review, my kids were devouring these little bites and couldn’t wait for me to bake the next batch.

You can order these products from their website, but I was a little put off by their online prices – although their products are absolutely awesome, I thought they are a little on the expensive side. I did notice that they do offer free shipping if you order 6 or more boxes and currently they will provide a 10% discount with online orders if you refer 3 of your friends to them.

Edited to Add: After I had written this review I was contacted by one of their representatives, in response to my thought on the price being a little high. I was not aware of the following information:
We charge a premium because all of our ingredients are sourced from the US, and most of the grain ingredients are local to the Western United states. We use Chocolate chips from specialty chocolate producer Guittard (local to the Bay Area). All ingredients are 100% natural and non- genetically modified. Also there is no msg in the product. The natural flavors just consist of powdered vanilla flavor (from all natural sources), and in the cocoa squares we use chocolate flavor (also 100% natural). We use premium Indonesian cinnamon.

Their products are also available in retail stores, which until recently was only in the northern California area, but they just informed me that their mixes are now available at Super Target stores in many other states.

If you would like more information on Mattisse & Jack’s products, please visit their website at

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