Let your Kids Learn and Fly on their Own

There is always that time when your kids will leave the nest and it can be  hard on both parents. Parents want their kids to be happy, experience things, be safe, but at the same time they have this strong desire for the kids to stay at home just a tiny bit longer. Let your kids experience the world and let them go! It will be hard but lean on your friends and family for support. People are always saying that you should let your kids go to learn life’s lessons and gain maturity. It is true and just as you left when you were young, your kids will to. It is the time in which you let them fly with their own wings and let them experience life. Sometimes they might fall off track but most of the time they will find their way back because you taught them the tools to use in life.

Parents worry about so many different factors when they are preparing to let go of their children. What if they can’t survive? What if they don’t find work? How will they survive without me? These worries will diminish in time as your child learns how to manage themselves out in the big world.

Younger adults are staying at home longer because they are hearing what it is like out there on your own. Even older adults are moving back with their parents because of a variety of reasons. They might have lost their job, had monetary issues or personal problems. The area in which they live in might have high rent costs and they cannot afford a home with their salary. It is more common these days than we think and there is an estimated 22 million of adult kids living with their parents now.

Some parents welcome their adult kids back home because they might enjoy the company or being close with each other again. Usually there is some sort of circumstance such as a small rent fee or working around the house etc. It is always good to set some ground rules from the very beginning. Some parents on the other hand may not like their kids moving back in with them. They might have gotten use to their own space and privacy and may have a certain way they do or like things in the home. In this case, setting up your daughter or son in the basement or in the pool house might be more logical and better in the long run for both of you.

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