Great Self Tanners

People go nuts over golden skin and the tan has been a famous fashion accessory dating back to the 1920’s. There are many pros and cons to tanning outside. Tanning outside can give you vitamin D, which can boost the mind and spirit. Tanning can also be very bad for the skin and aging, as well as the risk of cancer development. You don’t have to lie out in the sun anymore to get a bronze looking glow. There a variety of self tanners on the market and self-tanning has become a weekly requirement.

It is very important to wear sunscreen when you are outside and it will help keep your face wrinkle-free. Studies show and state that 90% of all wrinkles are created by UV rays. You can still look sun-kissed and have tanned skin without the UV ray damage. Bronze skin gives the body a nicer appearance and can even make you look thinner. Check out these top self tanners on the market and get your glow on!

*Laura Mercier Bronzer can be a bit more pricey than other bronzers such as M.A.C. It is worth the value and price, and gives off an ‘I was just tanning’ type of look. It also gives a glow and shine to the skin because it has a light sparkly shimmer.

*Chanel Perfecting Bronzer is in the form of a powder. You can powder your throat, cheeks and forehead with this product to get that bronze look.

*Estee Lauder has a range of ‘Go Tan Towelettes’ for the face. They are like cleansing wipes for the face and are easy accessible. You can put it on in the bathroom, the car or at work!

*One of the best self tanners on the market to this day is called Terracotta and it was created in 1984, in Guerlain of Paris.

*Clarins Radiance-Plus Self Tanning Gel is very popular and has a nice smell. It also lasts for more than a couple of days. More value for your money!

*Phytomer Bronze Perfect is a fantastic self tanner that is not sticky and it doesn’t smell. It gives the body a beautiful bronze glow in minutes.

*Lancome is still one of the top companies for their products. They have a great self tanner called Flash Bronzer Instant Bronze Glow for the Face. It has vitamin E in it too and has a nice fragrance.

There are a variety of self tanners to choose from and even some of the less expensive self tanners found in your local drugstore can be good for that sun-kissed look. Always remember to wash your hands after using any of these self tanning products.

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  1. Boshena the Spray Tan Expert says:

    If you are new to self tanning, it’s best to start with a product that builds a tan gradually, that way you will have many less unhappy experiences such as color too dark or too orange, streaks and bright orange palms.
    Also, please remember that in a case of a tan less is often more, what you should be aiming for is a glow that will make people say “you look so great today, did you fall in love or something” rather than “great fake tan”. If they say the latter you have overdone it.

  2. Flashing Novelties says:

    I have heard a lot about Tanning of the skin but I got to learn a lot from your post. It was really helpful. I am sure it would help a lot of others like me too. I guess I would be referencing your post for a written assignment. Thanks in advance.

  3. uv protection clothing says:

    Self tanners are a great alternative to sun exposure. You can look tan and young for years with these amazing products. Great article.

  4. tanning lotions says:

    Self tanner is a favorite among beauty editors and is routinely among the best named sunless tanning products. You can protect yourself and your family from the damaging rays of the sun and still have an awesome tan.

  5. Also, be aware that no matter what formula is used, a nice smooth (faux) tan can only be produced when skin is properly prepared and application method is used correctly. It makes a large difference :)

  6. With all the dangers of actual ‘sunbathing’ so vivid in all publications coupled with the ‘new’ age of sunless tanning bonus lotions…one would have to be somewhat unconscious to venture out into the direct sunlight without heavy protection.