How to Create a Playroom in Your Basement

As kids start to get older, they start needing a bit more space. Their bedrooms are not big enough for all their toys, let alone their never-ending amounts of energy. Plus, if a friend or two are over, they have to be monitored on a very consistent basis, since they will run around and more than likely make a mess.

This can pose a bit of a problem to most parents, especially those who work from home, since stress is the last thing that anybody wants. With all the screaming, laughing and shouting that comes when little kids play, trying to get work done while constantly getting interrupted can be a bit of a pain. And with those kids running through every room of the house, it is only a matter of time before something gets broken.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to convert that basement into the most epic playroom imaginable, allowing kids to romp around worry free. And although it sounds like a tricky feat, turning the basement into a playroom is anything but complicated. As long as the basement has been waterproofed and is safe to use, all that is necessary is to break down the job into four key steps: hazards, ceiling, walls and floor.

Step One: Identify Hazards

Every basement has hazards; so eliminating them is the first step in the playroom conversion process. Any loose nails or low hanging wires need to be removed or relocated.  The furnace and water heater – two things that could easily burn children – need to be blocked as well. Curtains or screens simply do not do the trick. Instead, utilize stud framing and plywood to create a barrier between the big hazards and the playing kids. A separate area with a locked door, that way, there will never be a reason to worry about burnt fingers or other limbs. Make sure that the steps down to the basement are safe and secure.

Step Two: Tackle the Ceiling

With regards to the ceiling, clean it out and change its color. First, sweep out and wipe down any pipes or hidden areas to eliminate dust and bugs and then coat the entire area – pipes and all – with a bright, neutral paint color like white. Either using a roll brush or a paint spray gun will get this job done quickly. For a more thorough and professional job, apply plasterboards to the ceiling.

Step Three: Take Care of the Walls

When it is time for the walls, clean them off and then utilize a waterproof paint to keep the concrete intact. Although most waterproof paints are white, another layer of paint can be added on top to brighten up the room and give it a little color. Put up brightly colored posters, a chalk board or magnetic sheet to make use of every last inch of space.

Step Four: Deal With the Floor

As the last step, the floor can be a bit tricky. It is recommended to seal it with a coat of tanking slurry in order to protect it from water damage before installing carpet or some other form of cushion. With kids running around and tripping all the time, it is essential that they have an extra buffer between their bodies and the floor. Foam floor mats – the ones that preschools have – are a great option as well as carpet pads.  Afterwards, put in an actual carpet or use a few throw rugs to avoid that sticky feeling that most foam pads develop.

Then, throw in a few beanbags, a painting station, a couch and a whole bunch of toys and then unleash the troops. Within minutes, that new playroom will become the best room of the house for those youngsters. Not to mention that it will be the favorite room in the house for the parents too!

About the Author:
Jim Beadman is the Managing Director of Construction Chemicals UK Ltd, who are experts in their field – from basement conversions for the serious renovator to DIY timber treatment products for protecting your home from insects and mold. With depots around the UK and an in-house chemistry specialist, they are the ideal partners for anyone wishing to undertake a renovation project, amateur or professional. When Jim isn’t working full-time helping people to transform their homes, he uses his experience to create articles which can be found around the Internet and organizes charity events from his home in Leicestershire, UK.

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