Top 5 family friendly home design

Here’s a quick question for you: If someone were to walk into your house right at this very second, how would they know that you have children who live with you? Would it be because of the toys that are sprawled out all over the living room? Or maybe it’s the never-ending pile of laundry on the couch that you’ve been trying to get folded for the past few days in the midst of everything else that needs to be done (including decorating your home).

When we talk about providing you with tips for family-friendly home design, what we want to do is help you to come up with some d├ęcor tips that can merge your desire for a beautifully decorated home with the fact that as long as children are living in it, some compromises will have to be made. Don’t worry though, our suggestions can still have your place looking like it should be in interior design magazine (if they were doing a family feature, that is).

Purchase things made out of stain-resistant fabrics. Sometimes parents think that when children come along, they have to sacrifice their sophisticated tastes. While you may want to tone down how much white you have in the main rooms of your house, you can still keep the look that you desire by simply purchasing items that are made out of stain-resistant fabrics (this would include the carpet).

Decorate with words. A child is always learning, especially learning words. So, when thinking about the kind of art that you want to put up in your house, consider framing some inspiring words or quotes in really creative fonts and colors. Sooner or later, your son or daughter will be reading the words inside of the frames and reciting them back to you.

Use more pillows. When it comes to the couches and even corners of certain rooms, you really cannot have too many throw pillows. Not only are they a fresh-yet-subtle accessory for your furniture, but you can purchase certain ones specifically for your kids to sit or lay on while watching TV or playing video games (a great way to deter them from sitting on your tables or putting their feet up everywhere).

Have fun with color. Did you know that there are colors that actually help your child’s development? While warm colors like red and orange encourage feelings of happiness and energy, cooler colors such as blues and purples invoke calm and wisdom. Your child doesn’t just hang out in their bedroom all day long and so this is something to think about as you decorate other parts of your house.

Be creative with the book displays. When our homes were being built, there was house insulation put in them to keep our houses warmer. As it relates to creating a certain look in our homes, something that can make them appear comforting and inviting are bookshelves. So, where does the “family-friendly” dynamic come in? Well, instead of simply lining them up where people can only see their titles, try displaying them like they appear in bookstores and make sure to put some of your children’s favorite books into the mix. It’s definitely a wonderful way to let people know that children are present within the home.

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