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What to eat during your pregnancy with Multiples!

Being pregnant with multiples means there your body has more nutritious needs! You are no longer supplying nutrients for one! You are supplying for … [Read more...]

Teen girls: THIS wasn’t in my “What To Expect” Book

I recently accompanied my daughter to her first Ob/Gyn appointment. Not for an exciting pregnancy reveal, or anything so grand. The experience … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to Magical Birthday Parties

Just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean you have to shortchange your child when it comes to throwing a fun, memorable and magical birthday party. … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Get Your Kids Interested with Fitness and Health

Lifestyles today are either of two things: hectic and fast-paced, or sedentary and unchallenging. As a result, more and more lifestyle-related … [Read more...]

Finding the Perfect Nursing Cover

There are several different types of nursing covers available today and it can be overwhelming for a nursing mom or mom-to-be to know which cover will … [Read more...]

Returning to a Family Routine that Includes Breastfeeding

Returning back to a normal family routine after being pregnant for ten months, giving birth and trying to catch up on lost sleep can be quite a … [Read more...]

10 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Set Up Your Office At Home

Once the exception for hard working people, working from home is now becoming commonplace. Working from home is a trend that is unlikely to be a … [Read more...]

Should Toddlers Have Laptops?

My first ever computer was a 1982 ZX Spectrum complete with Battleships and Tetris which provided me and my brother with perpetual sleepless nights … [Read more...]

Top 5 Party Planning Tips for Busy Moms

Kids, work, school, activities. Let's face it, being a Mom is more than a full time job. I'm all for finding ways to save time and I bet you are too. … [Read more...]

Dental Safety for Kids

Many kids are adventurous by nature, and this can be dangerous to their teeth. Accidents through indoor and outdoor sports are to be expected as … [Read more...]