Archives for May 2011

Hula Hooping is No Longer Child’s Play

Hula Hooping has become increasingly popular today and with good reason. Not only is hooping a great way to get fit and stay fit, it is a heck of a … [Read more...]

Tips for Toddler Toothbrush Training

Good dental care practices need to start as early as possible. The last thing you want to have to deal with as parents is a youngster that not only … [Read more...]

10 of the best alarm clocks for getting the kids out of bed!

So the kids have just had a whole 6 weeks of late to bed and late to rise during their school holidays and now as a parent, it’s your job to get them … [Read more...]

How To Talk To Your Child’s Teacher About Behavior Problems

Finding out your child has been acting up in school is not a pleasant discovery. The knee-jerk reaction that seems to plague all parents is to react … [Read more...]

Cook Up Some Fun with Homemade Stone Soup

Most kids have heard the story about stone soup. It has been recreated and retold in many forms but it never loses its ability to intrigue. For a fun … [Read more...]