Budget halloween decoration ideas

Halloween is almost upon us, and you know what that means. Eating so much candy you feel sick. But remember everything else Halloween stands for, trying to scare both your family and anyone who dare trick-or-treat at your house. To create the perfect atmosphere for scaring the wits out of people there’s no need to pay out at your nearest retailer, try some of these terrifying decorations that can be made on a budget.

Giant Spiders
Everyone knows that spiders are scary, that’s just a fact of life. But giant spiders hanging from trees or climbing up your shed are especially terrifying, especially if you make a whole cluster of them. The first part of creating the spider involves stuffing a garbage bag full of leaves, newspapers, packaging materials, or anything else soft and securing the end. The legs are made by stuffing down the length of a garbage bag and wrapping the bag over itself a number of times. Tie the end with string or a cable tie and repeat this seven times, attaching the legs to the body with glue.

Temporary Cemetery
Creating a spooky environment for trick-or-treaters is as simple as turning your yard into a cemetery. Obviously this isn’t a suitable for everyone so the next best thing is using cardboard cut outs and painting them grey to give the impression of tombstones. To make the tombstones seem even more sinister writing phrases such as “Here Lies…” or “R.I.P.” gives them a more realistic aesthetic, and you can even glue grass or moss onto the corners to make them seem more distressed. Glue or tape a stake onto the back of the tombstone and stick it into the ground to make it stand.

Ghost Lantern Causeway
If you have any milk cartons that need recycling, they can be turned into ghost lanterns that give of an eerie glow. Using a black marker pen draw a horrifying face on the front of the carton, and cut a hole in the bottom. Put some white Christmas lights in the hole, or use artificial candles, to create the glowing effect. Place the lanterns along the garden path or put them in your porch to create a chilling atmosphere for any brave soul who wishes to knock on your door.

Paranormal Pictures
Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by everyone, so don’t forget those in your photos and paintings. Use any old paper you have lying about the house to make masks, fangs, and devil horns, then use low-tack artists’ tape to stick the adornments onto the portrait. Just try not to tape anything to any expensive paintings, or the trick-or-treaters may not be the only ones getting a shock. If you enjoy crafts making these will be no problem, and they are a good use of materials you should have just lying around the house. So get creating your very own spine-chilling Halloween decorations.

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