Housework and Exercise

Working around the house can be great exercise for home owners. It can help you burn off calories and help you keep a healthy heart. Some of us think of house work as boring and dull, but you can make it a fun experience by adding a few features. Here are some suggested tips and exercise techniques. Doctors say that strenuous housework may even decrease menstrual hormones such as estrogen. When hormones are lowered, it may protect you from breast cancer tumors.

Vacuuming is one of the best exercises a person can do. You use a lot of your muscles as you run around the apartment or condo with a vacuum cleaner. You can burn a lot of calories off or that cheesecake that you had the night before. Whatever your reasons are, vacuuming can get you moving and your house clean while doing so.

Get the Windex out and kitchen towel, and start washing your windows and mirrors! Cleaning your mirrors can be a fabulous exercise for your body. You will stretch and move your arms around keeping you flexible and limber.

Painting your house can also be a good workout and you will be able to add color to your house while getting fit. Painting requires coats, climbing, lifting and reaching and you will definitely feel fit after a good paint job.

If you had wooden furniture you might end up polishing which requires a lot of pressure and arm movement. This can help you build muscle in your arms and give the body a toned look. Sparkling furniture and a fit body! What more can you ask for!

Washing the floor is a big job if you have a lot of square footage and floor space.  Dilute some vinegar in water and cut through that grease.  Put some muscle into it and get moving while making your floor sparkling clean!

You can always turn up the music or put some head phones on and dance away as you clean. It does not have to be boring at all. You could even do it with someone and talk while doing it.

It is known that five hours of working in the house and doing housework can burn 65,000 calories in a single year. This is considered the same amount of weight that a person can burn off to lose 19 pounds in a year. Try to view housework as a way to burn calories and improve your fitness level.  And the best thing is that your house will be spotless!

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  1. After my heart attack I was told to exercise more, but I just got bored in the gym and jogging was no better. By doing what you suggest – putting a little bit more effort into everyday tasks I have lost weight, and reduced my blood pressure and choesterol! It works !